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Public Figures and Their Fictional Representatives

SUMMARY: Writing historical fiction means dealing with public figures, living and dead. Duncan defines public figures and talks about the unique challenges of incorporating them into fiction. Plus a reading from her new novel, Terror, book one of the upcoming new series, Meeting the Enemy. Preorder Terror here:¬†amazon.com/dp/B09WZ7HRWS. In celebration of Duncan’s debut novel’s fifth…More

Fact vs. Fiction in Historical Fiction

SUMMARY: A potential reader asked P. A. Duncan how could she tell the history from the fiction in one of Duncan’s books. Today’s podcast is the answer. Terror, book one of Meeting the Enemy is now available for PREORDER here: amazon.com/dp/B09WZ7HRWS. “Out of the Ordinary,” the reader magnet for Terror, is still FREE to download here: dl.bookfunnel.com/vpayastekc.…More

Sometimes Endings Are Hard

SUMMARY: Duncan talks about the struggle to bring her ground-breaking series A Perfect Hatred to its logical conclusion. Turns out she had to wait for justice to take its course. Today is the last day you can download to your Kindle or Kindle app all four books of A Perfect Hatred for FREE. Go to amazon.com/dp/B09WZ7HRWS.…More

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P. A. Duncan

Award-winning espionage author P. A. Duncan hosts this podcast that includes readings from her works, some espionage trivia, and history lessons. Sometimes she even does the accents–for better or worse. Learn more at www.unexpectedpaths.com.

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