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“Real Spies, Real Lives” is for listeners interested in spies, writing, and writing about spies.

Remember, wherever you are, keep an eye out…for spies.


Author Backlists – What and Why?

SUMMARY: Duncan explains author backlists, gives us a brief Balkan history lesson, and reads from Welcome to Belgrade, book one of the trilogy, Self-Inflicted Wounds. The three eBooks in Self-Inflicted Wounds are on sale for 99¢ each to celebrate the trilogy’s second birthday. You can find them at amazon.com/dp/B08L3886FP.More

Baseball and Spies and Life and Writing

SUMMARY: Duncan reflects on two baseball seasons 61 years apart and tells us writing is just like baseball. Kinda. We wind up our look at the reader magnet, Prologue to Revenge. And Duncan is on the road, keeping an eye out for spies, on a trip to Columbia, Maryland, for a book event. Also, October will…More

Setting as Character?

SUMMARY: Can the location and time of a story, i.e., the setting, be the same as a character. P. A. Duncan thinks so and explains why. Today and Friday are the last two days of the preorder of PROLOGUE TO REVENGE, which launches on Saturday, September 17. After that, the special preorder price of 99¢…More

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P. A. Duncan

Award-winning espionage author P. A. Duncan hosts this podcast that includes readings from her works, some espionage trivia, and history lessons. Sometimes she even does the accents–for better or worse. Learn more at www.unexpectedpaths.com.

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