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“Real Spies, Real Lives” is for listeners interested in spies, writing, and writing about spies.

Remember, wherever you are, keep an eye out…for spies.


A New Novel and More Spycraft

SUMMARY I’m reading from the rough draft of a new novel, The Devil Passed By, and discussing episode 4 of the Netflix series Spycraft–“Clandestine Collection.”More

Love Death and … Sexpionage

Summary A final reading from the new novel, Love Death, and my thoughts on Spycraft Episode 3, “Sexpionage.” Note: Though not explicit by any means, I do discuss the use of sex as a way to recruit, control, and blackmail subjects.More

Nearing the End

Summary Alexei’s incursion into The Annex is complete, and he’s escaped with Gunter Metz, who wants only to see his family. A glitch at Checkpoint Charlie means Mai has to be the diversion to get Alexei safely into West Berlin–or she’ll be the target. This episode is marked clean but warning for a post-sex scene…More

Our Host

P. A. Duncan

Award-winning espionage author P. A. Duncan hosts this podcast that includes readings from her works, some espionage trivia, and history lessons. Sometimes she even does the accents–for better or worse. Learn more at www.unexpectedpaths.com.

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