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“Real Spies, Real Lives” is for listeners interested in spies, writing, and writing about spies.

Remember, wherever you are, keep an eye out…for spies.


Spy Movies and TV Shows — Top 5s

SUMMARY: The author talks about her favorite spy movies and television series compared to the top 5s from IMDb. Plus, a reading from TREACHERY, book 3 of the series Meeting the Enemy. From 5/27 – 5/31, the author’s 2016 short story collection SPY FLASH II, will be FREE to download at amazon.com/dp/B01N5D7GEP. TREACHERY can still be preordered at a special, low price at amazon.com/dp/B0C55ZXWYT. TREACHERY launches…

Undercover in the CIA?

SUMMARY: The author discusses the feasibility of the premise that a counterintelligence officer from one spy shop could go undercover inside the CIA. We get a brief history of one traitor in the CIA who might be considered an “undercover agent.” Plus, you’ll get a reading from the author’s upcoming novel, TREACHERY, book 3 of the…

The Why of Spy Flash II

SUMMARY: Duncan explains how Spy Flash II came about and what inspired the writing of each of the four stories in the collection. Duncan also reads from the first story in the collection, “Spymaster.” Spy Flash II the eBook is on sale the month of May for only $1.99 at amazon.com/dp/B01N5D6GEP. NOTE: THERE WILL NOT BE AN EPISODE…

Our Host

P. A. Duncan

Award-winning espionage author P. A. Duncan hosts this podcast that includes readings from her works, some espionage trivia, and history lessons. Sometimes she even does the accents–for better or worse. Learn more at www.unexpectedpaths.com.

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