We Have Met the Enemy . . .


Duncan provides us with a bit of a history lesson around the adage, “We have met the enemy and he is us,” which was the inspiration for the series title, Meeting the Enemy. We wind up the promotion of TERROR, book one of Meeting the Enemy with a reading from near the end. And we get a preview of July’s promotions.

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Who Spies on the Spies


This week Duncan talks about a message that acknowledged she is, indeed, a spy novelist and how that got her out of a slump because she missed her sales goal in May. We’ll hear about her favorite writer’s workshop and have a reading from TERROR, book one of MEETING THE ENEMY.

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Suspending Disbelief


All fiction requires you to suspend disbelief and accept a premise you might find unlikely. In her upcoming new novel, TERROR, espionage author P. A. Duncan wants you to accept that a Directorate operative can successfully go under cover in the CIA. It’s her world, and welcome to it.

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Public Figures and Their Fictional Representatives


Writing historical fiction means dealing with public figures, living and dead. Duncan defines public figures and talks about the unique challenges of incorporating them into fiction. Plus a reading from her new novel, Terror, book one of the upcoming new series, Meeting the Enemy.

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Fact vs. Fiction in Historical Fiction


A potential reader asked P. A. Duncan how could she tell the history from the fiction in one of Duncan’s books. Today’s podcast is the answer.

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Sometimes Endings Are Hard


Duncan talks about the struggle to bring her ground-breaking series A Perfect Hatred to its logical conclusion. Turns out she had to wait for justice to take its course.

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Femme Fatales and the Woman Spy


Duncan discusses a webinar from the International Spy Museum she recently watched and describes how real women spies who were not femme fatales inspired her woman spy, Mai Fisher. There’s also a reading from Descending Spiral, book 3 of A Perfect Hatred.

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