Baseball and Spies and Life and Writing


Duncan reflects on two baseball seasons 61 years apart and tells us writing is just like baseball. Kinda. We wind up our look at the reader magnet, Prologue to Revenge. And Duncan is on the road, keeping an eye out for spies, on a trip to Columbia, Maryland, for a book event.

Also, October will bring a celebration of the two-year anniversary of the series Self-Inflicted Wounds with reduced prices for the eBooks and some free days thrown in.

Setting as Character?


Can the location and time of a story, i.e., the setting, be the same as a character. P. A. Duncan thinks so and explains why.

Today and Friday are the last two days of the preorder of PROLOGUE TO REVENGE, which launches on Saturday, September 17. After that, the special preorder price of 99¢ goes away. You can preorder the eBook at

An Emotional Episode


August 29, the launch date for Duncan’s new novelette, Old Love Does Not Rust, is also the anniversary of her father’s death 40 years ago. Old Love Does Not Rust is a gift for him, one she wishes she could have given him when he was alive.

Duncan would also like her listeners to be aware of the National Suicide and Crisis hotline, which anyone can reach anytime by dialing 9-8-8.

Old Love Does Not Rust is still available for preorder at a special price of 99¢ at

The reader magnet Prologue to Terror is still on sale for 99¢ at

Prologue to Terror Part 1


Duncan explains what reader magnets are for, as well as the structure of a genre novel, and provides a brief review of the Amazon Prime movie The 355. Heavy on the writing stuff this week–but a bit of early, American espionage history surrounding George Washington’s Culper Ring.

Prologue to Terror, the prequel/reader magnet for TERROR, book one of the series Meeting the Enemy, is only 99 cents at

Vary Your Pattern


Oops. For some reason, this didn’t publish last week, so here’s the 7/21/22 podcast episode.


The “other half” of Moscow Rule No. 6: Vary your pattern and stay within your cover, offers some advice on personal security–without appearing too paranoid.

Links for books on sale or available for preorder:

On sale: Prologue to Terror, prequel to TERROR, book one of Meeting the Enemy, is 99 cents at (eBook only);
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Available for preorder: “Old Love Does Not Rust,” a novelette, at

The new episode drops next Thursday, July 28, at 1 p.m. 

Oh, and, a minor warning for some adult language in this week’s episode.

Wrapping Up a Book Birthday


Duncan concludes the month-long birthday celebration for Spy Flash III: The Moscow Rules, gives a review of the new Netflix “espionage” movie, The Gray Man, and talks about why she likes reading and writing short stories.

July 28 and 29 are the last two days to download a free eBook of Spy Flash III: The Moscow Rules. You can download it at

And a new novelette, Old Love Does Not Rust, is available for an ebook preorder at