Public Figures and Their Fictional Representatives


Writing historical fiction means dealing with public figures, living and dead. Duncan defines public figures and talks about the unique challenges of incorporating them into fiction. Plus a reading from her new novel, Terror, book one of the upcoming new series, Meeting the Enemy.

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Fact vs. Fiction in Historical Fiction


A potential reader asked P. A. Duncan how could she tell the history from the fiction in one of Duncan’s books. Today’s podcast is the answer.

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Sometimes Endings Are Hard


Duncan talks about the struggle to bring her ground-breaking series A Perfect Hatred to its logical conclusion. Turns out she had to wait for justice to take its course.

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Femme Fatales and the Woman Spy


Duncan discusses a webinar from the International Spy Museum she recently watched and describes how real women spies who were not femme fatales inspired her woman spy, Mai Fisher. There’s also a reading from Descending Spiral, book 3 of A Perfect Hatred.

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An Old Problem


Duncan gives us some background on the history that inspired the series A Perfect Hatred, and in a reading from book 1, End Times, she shows us the lengths Mai Fisher will go to in profiling a subject to plan her approach and her cover story.

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An Old Problem

Writer Balance: History vs Sensitivity


This episodes winds up the month-long look into the author brand of P. A. Duncan, and, as a prelude to her upcoming series, Meeting the Enemy, she also talks about the difficulty as a writer of historical fiction and an historian in staying authentic to the history knowing that some might find it painful.

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Real Spies and Family Lives


The importance of keeping a low profile and blending in for spies and their families. What on earth is a blood cover? And some teaser readings from my upcoming book Terror, due out on June 25, 2022.

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Does Romance Belong in Espionage?


It does, but not how you’ve been conditioned to think of it. Some fans do go for exploitation of either sex, but mostly it’s women being exploited, but some fans and some espionage writers think romance, or at least a hint of it, has a place among the spies.

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Everything You Ever (Maybe) Wanted to Know About Author Branding


Like Apple, McDonalds, or Nike, authors have brands that identify the author and what he or she writes for marketing purposes. This week we delve into how I developed my brand, “Real spies, real lives, a hint of romance.” And a reading from an upcoming novel that shows what real spies are like.

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