You Always Were. . .The Better Spy


Why writing conferences are cool, a reading from my novel in stories, The Better Spy, and the expected COVID/vaccination rant. If you want to learn more about the Creatures, Crimes, and Creativity (C3) Con, click HERE.



The IRA kidnaps the daughter of U.S. Secret Service Agent Henry Munro. Who can he turn to for help? A woman he met briefly in the aftermath of the Kansas City bombing – Mai Fisher. Enjoy some excerpts from one of the stories in Blood Vengeance, “A Father’s No Shield for His Child.”

The Podcast is Back!


After a two-week hiatus, “Real Spies, Real Lives” is back with more about writing, spies, and writing about spies. Oh, and some books are on sale, too.

More Novellas


Some readings from a recent novella, A Change for the Better, and how it came about. Plus, wear you d****d mask!

“Pick the Time and Place for Action”


A couple of reviews: the Netflix series “Spycraft” and. . . Black Widow! And some readings from another story in Spy Flash III: The Moscow Rules, “Pick the Time and Place for Action,” which features the return of Olga Lubova. Where did she go? You’ll have to read the story!

“Lull Them into a Sense of Complacency”


Moscow Rule number seven’s story introduces two hapless SVR officers given the task of following Cybill Fleming in Moscow. A beta reader called the two officers the “Keystone KGB”–so you get some humor amid all the drama. Enjoy!

“Vary Your Pattern” & “Stay Within Your Cover”


The next Moscow Rule is “Vary Your Pattern and Stay Within Your Cover”–again a somewhat long and cumbersome story title, so I wrote two stories. “Vary Your Pattern” takes us back to the early 1990s when Edwin Terrell, Jr. is still alive and Mai and Alexei are struggling to accustom their lives, personal and professional, to raising Alexei’s granddaughter Natalia. “Stay Within Your Cover” is an examination of debating whether or not to do the right thing. If you don’t someone might die; if you do, your cover’s blown. Spy Flash III: The Moscow Rules launches in 10 days.