Another Novella?


This episode features the second novella published in 2015, My Noble Enemy–where I, gasp, kill off a character. A bit of a warning: adults discussing sexual situations and some sexual innuendo; nothing explicit.



This episode wraps up the focus on my 2015 novella The Yellow Scarf before we move onto the other 2015 novella My Noble Enemy. Also, you get a movie recommendation and a warning about some sexual banter between a married couple and some pretty harsh language. Enjoy!

Revisiting Descending Spiral


Readings from Descending Spiral, book 3 of the series, A Perfect Hatred, and a bit of a chat about ethical dilemmas facing undercover operatives. Look for a birthday gift next week — from ME to YOU for my birthday; all four books of A Perfect Hatred will be free from 4/26/21 to 4/30/21.

Revisiting BAD COMPANY


Continuing my revisit of my series A Perfect Hatred, I read from book 2, Bad Company, and discuss music and writing. WARNING: Both readings end with a leave-it-to-your-imagination sex scene; nothing explicit.

Reading from a WIP Plus a Movie Review


Some readings from my rough draft of a new novel and a brief review of the new movie, The Courier, with Benedict Cumberbatch. To celebrate the three-year anniversary of the launch of the series A Perfect Hatred, all four books are specially priced.