Writer Balance: History vs Sensitivity


This episodes winds up the month-long look into the author brand of P. A. Duncan, and, as a prelude to her upcoming series, Meeting the Enemy, she also talks about the difficulty as a writer of historical fiction and an historian in staying authentic to the history knowing that some might find it painful.

To download the FREE reader magnet for book one of Meeting the Enemy, go here: dl.bookfunnel.com/vpayastekc. To celebrate the fourth anniversary of Duncan’s first series, A Perfect Hatred, you can purchase the eBook, Quintet, a compilation of the reader magnets for A Perfect Hatred, plus a bonus, previously unpublished story here: amazon.com/dp/B09VFQ4SXZ or here: https://books2read.com/u/3R6d6x. Find all of P. A. Duncan’s books at amazon.com/author/phyllisduncan.

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