Who Spies on the Spies


This week Duncan talks about a message that acknowledged she is, indeed, a spy novelist and how that got her out of a slump because she missed her sales goal in May. We’ll hear about her favorite writer’s workshop and have a reading from TERROR, book one of MEETING THE ENEMY.

PROLOGUE TO TERROR, the reader magnet for TERROR, is on sale for 99 cents (eBook only), and you can find it at amazon.com/dp/B0B1F64YLQ.

And after you’re done reading PROLOGUE TO TERROR, you can preorder TERROR at amazon.com/dp/B09WZ7HRWS.

To catch the cover reveal for TERROR, check out Duncan’s posts on her Facebook Author Page, www.facebook.com/unspywriter, and her Instagram, www.instagram.com/paduncan1.

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