We Have Met the Enemy . . .


Duncan provides us with a bit of a history lesson around the adage, “We have met the enemy and he is us,” which was the inspiration for the series title, Meeting the Enemy. We wind up the promotion of TERROR, book one of Meeting the Enemy with a reading from near the end. And we get a preview of July’s promotions.

To get your 99-cent eBook of Prologue to Terror (reader magnet/prequel to TERROR) and either an ebook, paperback, or hard cover of TERROR, go to the series page at amazon.com/dp/B09ZHZXXF8.

Starting tomorrow, for its book birthday, the short story collection SPY FLASH III: THE MOSCOW RULES will be 99 cents for the ebook, and you can find that at amazon.com/dp/B093THXD7M.

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